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    Richard Cole

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  • Our picks

    • iOS App Updated
      Version 1.8  of the iOS Find a Grave app has been released. 
      Suggest memorial edits for memorials you don't own
      Add relatives to a memorial
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    • Cemetery Conservation
      We spend a lot of time wandering in cemeteries! Just like you, we’ve seen headstones that need a little TLC. Some are covered in moss or lichen, while others are sunken, cracked, damaged, or broken. Over time, nature takes its toll on grave markers, especially older ones. Sometimes, well-meaning individuals attempt to clean headstones but unknowingly harm them with abrasive methods or cleaners. We discourage members from touching headstones unless you are related or have specific permission from the cemetery. In those instances, we’d like to point you to a fantastic website with a wealth of information on how to read weathered inscriptions without causing harm to the stone and headstone conservation.
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    • Find a Grave Volunteer of the Month
      Congratulations to Michael Moore our feature Volunteer of the Month for March, 2020! Thank you for your work in Canadian cemeteries, particularly photographing headstones in Quebec.
      Michael was inspired to volunteer when he encountered the work of BCDocwalker, who has transcribed records for cemeteries in the Lachûte, Quebec area and added them to Find a Grave. This is also where Michael’s ancestors immigrated to in the early nineteenth century. 
      He decided to make the 300-mile drive and photograph headstones for memorials created in that area and to visit his ancestors’ graves. The trip was a success! Later that summer, he went back to Lachûte and fully photographed all twenty cemeteries in the area, uploaded the photos to Find a Grave and created any new memorials needed. Now the information and photos can help people around the world! The collaboration aspect of Find a Grave is one of his favorite features of the site.
      “I have two motorcycles, both long-distance touring motorcycles, one in Europe and one in Canada. When I head out on cross-continent tours, I make a list of locations where ancestors are buried, and I try to photograph the entire cemetery & upload all the pictures to Find a Grave. My experience has been that when I do that, other Find a Grave members start linking families together and that greatly helps me with my family history research.”
      Michael spent much of his career flying in war relief efforts for the Red Cross in Africa. He retired a few years back, ending his career as an engineering test pilot for an aircraft manufacturer. Michael lives in Canada, but airport closures and closed borders have him stuck in Tunisia. He’s been trying to find a way home for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, he has “a backlog of about 4,000 pictures” to upload and says this will “keep him busy.” We hope you get home soon, Michael! 
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    • Find a Grave Volunteer of the Month
      Congratulations to Stacey Shaw, our feature Volunteer of the Month for February 2020! Find A Grave has provided Stacey with some of her best leads in family history research. She’s met some of the “nicest people” and “wanted to help others” as volunteers had helped her. 
      Julia nominated Stacey for going the extra mile and finding her mother’s grave. She was an infant when her mother tragically passed on. Frustration and confusion set in over the years searching for her burial location, as the cemetery seemed to no longer exist! She reached out to the Find A Grave community and found Stacey, asking if she would keep an eye out for her mother’s headstone in the local cemeteries.
      Stacey “enjoys the hunt when walking around looking for headstones” and started researching right away. A visit to the public library proved the cemetery name had changed, which is why it was elusive. She drove to the nearby cemetery, found and photographed the headstone, and then uploaded it to the Find A Grave memorial. Julia was grateful and overwhelmed, saying that she “will never forget this.” Find A Grave members are astounding, going above and beyond to assist others! In Stacey’s words, “the family’s reaction is priceless” and always makes her smile.
      Our accolades to you for your extraordinary work in cemeteries! We are so glad that you are a Find A Grave member and appreciate all your efforts in recording and memorializing those that have passed.
      We welcome your suggestions for Volunteer of the Month. If you’d like to submit a volunteer for consideration in future months, please send an email with details of their work to feedback@findagrave.com.
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    • African American Medal of Honor Recipients from the Civil War
      Approximately 180,000 African American men fought in the Civil War. Their bravery and courage played a crucial role in helping the United States Army to victory. Twenty-five of those soldiers were recipients of the highest military award for valor – the Medal of Honor. To honor their service and sacrifice, we have gathered their Find A Grave memorials together into a virtual cemetery that yields inspiring stories of their heroism.
      For example, Christian Abraham Fleetwood served as a sergeant major in the 4th Regiment of the United States Colored Infantry. On September 29, 1864, Fleetwood’s regiment fought in the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm near Richmond, Virginia. While charging the enemy, a fellow soldier bearing two flags was wounded. Fleetwood grabbed the colors before they could touch the ground, and when it became clear that he couldn’t penetrate the enemy line, he retreated back to the reserve line and used the flag to rally more soldiers. 
      Fleetwood’s official Medal of Honor citation reads, “Seized the colors, after two color bearers had been shot down, and bore them nobly through the fight.”
      We’ve gathered Fleetwood’s and all other African American Medal of Honor recipients Find A Grave memorials together in one place. Click on each memorial in the virtual cemetery to read the Medal of Honor citations. 
      Take a moment during Black History Month to learn more about the brave and selfless sacrifices of these Medal of Honor recipients. 
      -Find A Grave Team
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    • Unmapped Cemeteries By Country February 2020
      Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by Country. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemeteries listed for that country do not have GPS assigned to them.
      How does your country look?
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    • Android App Updated
      Version 2.6.2 of the Android app has been released. 
      This fixes a crash when viewing cemeteries that don't have GPS data. As well as a fix that keeps you from using the new search dashboard when you have location services turned off.
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    • iOS App Updated
      Version 1.7.1  of the iOS Find A Grave app has been released. 
      New photo request views
      Location accuracy improvements
      Choose location when we can't determine your location with accuracy
      Some bug fixes and other minor updates
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    • Unmapped Cemeteries By US County January 2020
      Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by County. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemetery listed does not have GPS assigned to it. This has nothing to do with % of cemetery photographed or mapped memorials.
      How does your county look?
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    • In Memoriam 2019
      In Memoriam 2019
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