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    Jake U

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  • Our picks

    • iOS App Updated
      Version 1.3.41 of the iOS Find A Grave app has been released. 
      This release contains Bug fixes and backend updates
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    • Patched November 1, 2018
      Issue with suggesting an edit on a memorial with deleted family members
      Issue with removing spouses that have been linked from both memorials
      Can no longer suggest reciprocal spouse links.
      When adding a spouse to a memorial that didn't have a birth/death date, you could get a 'marriage year must be before/after death/birth date' error.
      Issue blocking the ability to delete a Virtual Cemetery from page 2+ of Virtual Cemeteries list Count of memorials in a Virtual Cemetery on the Virtual Cemeteries page included deleted memorials
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    • Patched October 10, 2018
      Can no longer add a marriage year that is before the birth year or after the death year The edit page wasn’t displaying multiple spouses correctly if they weren’t all linked from the same memorial
      Editing or suggesting an edit for a non-cemetery burial caused a server error You can now make changes on the edit page even if there are pending suggested edits, but only for fields not affected by the suggested edits
      When leaving feedback, sometimes you had to type in your email even if you were logged in (must sign-out and back in to fix)
       Fix the issue with save to ancestry that would happen when trying to save a memorial that didn’t have a photo
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    • Patched October 3, 2018
      Standardize apostrophes for searching so different apostrophes don't result in different results Improve reliability of change email flow
      Issue causing automated processed edit emails to fail to send
      A manager can now accept/decline edits from the memorial edit page, and they must do so before they can edit the corresponding fields
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    • Unmapped Cemeteries By US County October 2018
      Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by County. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemetery listed does not have GPS assigned to it. This has nothing to do with % of cemetery photographed or mapped memorials.
      How does your county look?
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    • Patched September 19, 2018
      Stability Improvements
      Improve email compatibility with some providers
      Add ID's next to memorials, cemeteries, and contributors in emails Profile Bio could display strangely when it contained html Add button next to email on the edit profile page that takes you to the account page to change it Add support to properly display Military info, and alternate burial types such as Alleged, Still Living, etc
      Fix case where the "No Grave Photo" text wasn't working correctly on list views Fix cemetery sort by name
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    • Where would you like Geography to focus next?
      As we work on adding the following later this year, what are the countries you are most interested in getting location updates next?
      Argentina - 7,000 locations
      Belgium - 12,000 locations
      Brazil - 54,000 locations
      Chile - 3,000 locations
      Costa Rica - 2,000 locations
      Greenland - 200 locations
      Japan - 27,000 locations
      Moldova - 1,800 locations
      Montenegro - 4,000 locations
      Peru - 41,000 locations
      Philippines - 39,000 locations
      Poland - 66,000 locations
      Romania - 18,000 locations
      Serbia - 9,000 locations  
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    • Patched September 5, 2018
      FIX Improve the stability of the new user flow
      Fix date filter for edit requests to include final date of filter in results Fix Necrology category filter
      Stability and Performance improvements
      Fix viewing another members Virtual Cemeteries
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    • Patched August 15, 2018
      Skip to page widget at the top of every search results list.
      Back to top button on every search results list beyond the first page. FIX
      Stability issue.
      Some minor styling improvements.
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    • Saying Goodbye to the Old Find A Grave
      Those of you who have been using the old version of the site will likely have noticed the message we put up this week about the upcoming closure of that old version. We are sad to see it go. It has served long and well and the community and valuable content that has grown up around Find A Grave are amazing. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of that.
      We know the transition to the new site has been hard for some people. Over the past 8 months, the old version of the site has provided a safety net and a point of comparison as we’ve received feedback and worked to improve the new version of the site and make sure it was ready to go. We have kept the old site available for as long as we could, but the time has come to close it down. We’ll do that on Monday, August 20.
      While we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and helpful suggestions about the new site, we’ve also heard from people who really love the old site for its compact display and familiar feel. While we can’t keep the old site around, we will continue to work to improve the new site. If there are specific things you think we can improve or tasks that you think we can make easier on the new site, please use the “Send Feedback” link in the footer of the site to let us know.
      For those of you still struggling to learn to use the new site, we hope the tutorial videos, linked to from the purple “Tutorials” button at the bottom right of pages of the site will help. You can contact us at support@findagrave.com with specific questions or visit the “Ask the Community” message board to get help from other Find A Grave users.
      We love Find A Grave and look forward to working with you as we continue to make the site better.
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