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    1. Fallen Gravers

      Remembering Find a Grave Members who have passed away.

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    2. Famous Graves

      Discuss all aspects of visiting and researching the graves of notable people.

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      Cemeteries in the News....

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      Discuss the loss of loved ones and lend support to others who have experienced the same.

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      50,000 people a day are searching Find a Grave! Share your success story here.

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  4. Military Discussion

    1. American Civil War

      150+ years later, it is still an enormously popular topic of discussion. Post your civil war graves, questions, and information. Blue or Gray? Johnny Reb or Billy Yank?

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    2. World War I

      First World War, The Great War, and the War to End All Wars

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      Second World War

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      Discussions concerning other wars and conflicts

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    1. Cemetery Preservation

      General issues and techniques involved with cemetery preservation. 

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    2. Research Resources

      General research issues not related to a specific surname or location. 

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    3. Surnames

      Research issues related to a specific surname. If you start a new thread, please be sure to include the surname in the thread title!

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      Use this forum for translation assistance. 

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      • Community posts for the classic Find a Grave site which was retired on November 7, 2017.
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      • Support posts for the classic Find a Grave site which was retired on November 7, 2017.
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      • Ask Support on the Forums was retired on August 26, 2020.
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      • Find a Grave Support

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  • Our picks

    • Version 2.10.1 of the Android app has been released. 
      Added the ability to suggest edits. Added dark mode and updated layouts. Additional usability and bug fixes.
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    • These countries all have more than 5,000 cemeteries currently listed. This includes Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. 
      Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by Country. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemeteries listed for that country do not have GPS assigned to them.




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    • Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by Country. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemeteries listed for that country do not have GPS assigned to them.
      How does your country look?
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    • Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by County. 5-color level.
      This means that the cemetery listed does not have GPS assigned to it. This has nothing to do with % of cemetery photographed or mapped memorials.
      How does your county look?
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    • Version 1.13  of the iOS Find a Grave app has been released.  
      Show photo request info while viewing memorial lists Sort by photo request date Change photo type or set a memorial default photo for photos previously uploaded Many other minor updates, bug fixes, and fixed crashes
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    • In Memoriam 2020
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    • The holiday season is a time of hope, joy, remembrance and staying connected with those we love. When our loved ones have passed on, we can still connect to their memory by thinking about them, learning more about their lives and visiting their gravesites. People around the world share in traditions to honor and remember family and loved ones during the holidays.
      In Finland, many families visit the cemetery to remember family members by lighting a candle at their grave on Christmas Eve. Snow covers the ground, the cemetery is enveloped in darkness and in the cold the candles are lit, one by one. Peace and reverence is felt as people are together in the cemetery with one purpose. It’s uplifting, serene and a beautiful way to begin the evening activities.
      Laying a wreath at the grave is a well-known holiday tradition and a way to pay tribute and honor family members. Since Ancient times, the wreath has represented victory of the eternal spirit over death. Some find comfort in placing a grave blanket over the grave before the first snow storm. This is symbolic to provide warmth and love through the winter. A grave blanket is made of evergreen bows formed over a frame and decorated with winter adornments. We can share in the holidays, honor and remember family members by going to the cemetery, decorating the grave with holiday decor and sharing stories about those family members. Here are some photos showing that love.
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    • Recent Updates
      Search Changes.  The last name used to be an exact only match, whereas the first and middle could be partial.  The default now is for all names, including last name to be partial with the results weighted to show exact matches first. (Relevance)  A search option has been added to do an exact name search, which will apply to all name fields.  In cases where an exact name search and partial name search is desired, wildcards can be used for partial with the exact name option selected.  The default sort option when a name is provided is by search relevance.  Members still have the ability to sort results alphabetically from the sort options. Update to the Prefix field. Now allows for text entry. One other thing we recently launched and are monitoring is the transcription count.  This count is now updated in near real-time for all connected browsers.
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    • The blue crosses that adorn the graves in Cimitrul Vesel are there because of one man’s vision, Stan Ioan Patras. Cimitrul Vesel, which translates as Merry Cemetery, lies behind the Church of the Assumption and has put Sapanta, Romania on the map, it being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania.
      Photo Credit J.L.Cobb
      Stan Ioan started carving wood crosses in the 1930’s and continued until his death in 1977. During that time he carved and painted several hundred blue crosses for those who had passed in his village. The approach was that through artistry and stories he could bring a smile to those who visited and also share the lives of those who lived in the village, thus the Merry Cemetery. Each cross is unique and beautifully painted with brilliant colors, predominantly blue symbolizing heaven and freedom, and include a themed painting and poem that discloses a little something about the life and character of the deceased. Some of the poems and paintings are a bit whimsical, many depict occupations, traits or life events and some even tell of lives that were tragically cut short, stating the illness or accident. When someone in the village died the family would come to Stan and ask him to create a blue cross. He would decide how to sculpt it, what the painting would portray and the verse for the poem that was always written in first person narrative.
      As Stan got older, space was reserved in the cemetery and he created his own blue cross, painting and poem and was buried here when that time came. Here is the translation:
      “Ever since I was a little boy
      Stan Ioan Patras was my name
      Listen to me, my good people
      Because I will tell no lie
      For as long as I lived
      I never wished anyone harm,
      Only good, as much as I could
      No matter for whom
      Oh this poor old world of mine
      Living through it was so hard”
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    • Thanks for all your responses to our post about the upcoming changes to the site. We have been reading them and really appreciate your feedback and support. Paul, one of our developers, wrote up this note that goes into a bit more detail than that first message, for those of you who are interested.
      As one of the Find A Grave developers I thought you might appreciate it if I were to write a post explaining our reasoning behind changing the site, as well as some things to expect going forward. Find A Grave was created by Jim Tipton in the 1990’s to pursue his passion of visiting the graves of famous people. Find A Grave has always been free, and will continue to be a free website supported by ads.
      Since then Find A Grave has seen amazing growth, and has thrived thanks to the contributions of users like you. But the classic version of the website is starting to show its age. The code is written in technologies that are no longer supported and that inherently contain security vulnerabilities. Features were added to the site in a piecemeal fashion that makes it very difficult for us to maintain the old codebase while at the same time upgrading all the underlying infrastructure. 
      One of the most noticeable changes with the new version is the user interface. We needed to make the site mobile friendly. The reason the layout has changed so much is largely due to this requirement. We understand that a change this significant can be hard. It’s not easy to learn a new interface, especially when the previous interface has been around for 20 years. But we feel like this layout will be much easier for new users to learn. And we hope that our old users will take the time to learn how to use it. We will include many tutorial videos explaining how the new interface works in order to help users who are struggling with the changes.
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