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    • Ask the Community "How do I?" questions about the Find A Grave website.
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    Cemetery Corrections and Updates


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    Various Site Statistics and Updates

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    Fallen Gravers

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    Remembering Find A Grave Members who have passed away.

    Amy Dalton

    Famous Graves

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    Discuss all aspects of visiting and researching the graves of notable people.


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    Cemeteries in the News....


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    American Civil War

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    150+ years later, it is still an enormously popular topic of discussion. Post your civil war graves, questions, and information. Blue or Gray? Johnny Reb or Billy Yank?

    Amy Dalton

    World War I

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    First World War, The Great War, and the War to End All Wars

    Amy Dalton

    World War II

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    Second World War

    Missing ones

    Discussions concerning other wars and conflicts

  5. Cemetery and Research

    General issues and techniques involved with cemetery preservation. 


    Research Resources

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    General research issues not related to a specific surname or location. 



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    Research issues related to a specific surname. If you start a new thread, please be sure to include the surname in the thread title!


    Forum 2016

    Use this forum for translation assistance. 

  6. Classic Find A Grave Archives

    • Community posts for the classic Find A Grave site which was retired on November 7, 2017.
    • Content here is considered out of date


    Classic Ask a Curator

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    • Curator posts for the classic Find A Grave site which was retired on November 7, 2017.
    • Content here is considered out of date

    Find A Grave
  • Our picks

    • Version 1.44  of the iOS Find A Grave app has been released. 
      Bug fixes.
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    • Version 1.4.3 of the iOS Find A Grave app has been released. 
      Bug fixes, backend updates, and general improvements.
      Version 1.3.7 of the Android app has been released. 
      Updates for performance and modernization. Updates to the upload queue. Also checking for and showing duplicates when creating new memorials. With additional bug fixes.
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    • NEW (More information available here)
      Translate site copy into other languages (beta)
      Added method to suggest merging duplicate memorials
      Issue blocking the ability to upload untranscribed photos to cemeteries that have 20 cemetery photos
      When editing or suggesting edits to a memorial with a suffix the suffix could unintentionally be removed
      Some styling improvements
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    • Unmapped Cemeteries By US County January 2019
      Unmapped Cemeteries broken out by County. 5-color level.
      How does your county look?
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    • In Memoriam 2018
      In Memoriam 2018
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    • Site Updates
      In the last couple of days we have rolled several bug fixes, security updates and a few enhancements to the site.  Among the changes are:
      Condensed List View.  We’ve created a condensed view option for many lists on the site including memorial and cemetery search, virtual cemeteries and more).  The condensed view removes the thumbnail and condenses or in some cases reduces the other information in the list, it also allows you to print a condensed version of the list.  You can switch between the condensed and regular list view using the toggle at the top right of the list.
      Rotating memorial photos.  If you accidentally upload a photo that is not facing the right way, just click on the photo and use the rotate arrow buttons below it to fix it.  You’ll only see the buttons for photos you have uploaded.

      Photo Request Numbers Updates.  In the header, on the right side of the top of the site we show the number of photo requests in your area in a green circle above the icon of a camera.  This used to show all photo requests and it showed for everyone. With these updates, that number will only include the photo requests you have claimed and the unclaimed requests in your area.  Also, the number will no longer show for people who have not chosen to be photo volunteers.

      Improved thumbnails.  In some list views, the thumbnail images were a bit blurry.  We’ve fixed that and also reduced the size of the thumbnail to make those lists more compact.
      We are constantly working to improve the site and really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  Many of the changes with these recent updates came directly from suggestions we have received. If you have an idea for something to make the site better, please send it to us at feedback@findagrave.com.  
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    • Why Change?
      Thanks for all your responses to our post about the upcoming changes to the site. We have been reading them and really appreciate your feedback and support. Paul, one of our developers, wrote up this note that goes into a bit more detail than that first message, for those of you who are interested.
      As one of the Find A Grave developers I thought you might appreciate it if I were to write a post explaining our reasoning behind changing the site, as well as some things to expect going forward. Find A Grave was created by Jim Tipton in the 1990’s to pursue his passion of visiting the graves of famous people. Find A Grave has always been free, and will continue to be a free website supported by ads.
      Since then Find A Grave has seen amazing growth, and has thrived thanks to the contributions of users like you. But the classic version of the website is starting to show its age. The code is written in technologies that are no longer supported and that inherently contain security vulnerabilities. Features were added to the site in a piecemeal fashion that makes it very difficult for us to maintain the old codebase while at the same time upgrading all the underlying infrastructure. 
      One of the most noticeable changes with the new version is the user interface. We needed to make the site mobile friendly. The reason the layout has changed so much is largely due to this requirement. We understand that a change this significant can be hard. It’s not easy to learn a new interface, especially when the previous interface has been around for 20 years. But we feel like this layout will be much easier for new users to learn. And we hope that our old users will take the time to learn how to use it. We will include many tutorial videos explaining how the new interface works in order to help users who are struggling with the changes.
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