this is a long shot--- my greatgreatgrandmother, Minnie Howard Nelson (1861-1898)is buried somewhere in Alabama! I am told that she died in 1898 in Fort Payne, DeKalb County. I am also told that her grave is in a very old overgrown cemetery...but that is all I know--has anyone stumbled upon Minnie????

I have checked various online sites and cannot find her nor do i know if minnie was short for some other name in her case? at the time of her death -before records were kept in the state!- she was married to John Elkanah Nelson. he later moved back to michigan and remarried. he is buried in michigan; so no point looking for him there!

her daughter found her grave once but did not write down where it was.........

any help would be appreciated! i'm in ohio or i would go out sunday driving!