Jake Evans, wounded at Fredericksburg;
John Fry, wounded at Malvern Hill;
Solomon Fisher, wounded at Fredericksburg;
Neely D. Fry, killed at Seven Pines;
Wm. L. Franklin, killed,
M. L. Fuibright, killed at Seven Pines.
Thomas Gillett, wounded at Fredericksburg;
Jeremiah Green, wounded at Malvern Hill;
Wm. T. Green, wounded at Fredericksburg;
Alex. Hannah, wounded at Seven Pines;
J. P. Holder, wounded;
J. I. Justice, wounded at Seven Pines;
P. L. Lewis, wounded at Fredericksburg;
J. T. Mehaffey, wounded;
Geo. Messer, wounded at Fredericksburg;
J. P. McCracken, wounded;
J. M. L. McCracken, wounded,
J. W. Norwood, wounded;
Joseph Pharr, killed at Sharpsburg.
Wm. Sellers, wounded;
J. W. Smathers, wounded at Seven Pines;
T. L. Snider, wounded;
J. F. Sparks, wounded at Fredericksburg;
John L. Terrell, wounded;
James Winchester, killed;
J. V. White, killed (accident);
Wm. Byers, killed at Petersburg;
G. W. Chambers, wounded at Malvern Hill;
A. A. Crawford, wounded near Richmond;
B. F. Edmonston, wounded;
Wm. J. Evans, wounded in N. C.;
F. M. Mahaffey, wounded at Sharpsburg;
John M. Meece, wounded near Richmond;
J. N. Reece, killed at Malvern Hill;
J. A. Smith, wounded near Richmond;
J. C. Wilson, wounded at Fredericksburg.
A. M. Raddiff (ret.), killed at Sharpsburg;
J. H. Noland and J. H. Stephenson died.

NOTE: Capt. Wm. S. Terrell, formerly of this Company, was transferred to Thomas' Legion.


Thos. I. Lenoir, Captain in command;
Jas. A. Blaylock, Captain.
E. H. Blaylock, 1st Lieutenant
Thad. C. Hyatt, 1st Lieutenant
Jas. A. Blaylock, 1st Lieutenant
W. H. Hartgrove, 1st Lieutenant
James A. Burnett, 2nd Lieutenant
James N. Cathey, 2nd Lieutenant
James T. Cathey, 2nd Lieutenant
Garland S. Ferguson, 2nd Lieutenant


Wm. T. Cathey, Serg't.;
Wm. Henderson, Serg't.


•John C. Burnett

•John Singleton

•I. W. Robinson

•H. P. Holland (Color Bearer);

W. N. Allman, Musician
J. N. Reece, Musicians.

J. N. Anderson, David Allen, Wm. Bonham, C. H. Blaylock, J. P. Brookshire, Jerry Bugg, H. T. Bugg, Alfred Burnett, M. M. Boggett, Bodham C. Best, Wm. P. Blackburn, M. D. Christopher, J. A. Clark, Hiram Clark, Eli Collins, J. N. Davis, W. N. Deaver, R. I. H. Ester, K. L. Deaver, J. C. Evans, Wm. Francis, E. J. Ferguson, N. J. Ferguson, D. W. Franklin, H. I. Franklin, Perry B. Franklin, D. W. Gaddis, Napoleon Glenn, Alston Gordon, S. B. Green, T. M. Green, Leonard Godwin. H. P. Holland, George Hall, R. P. Hartgrove, E. T. Harrell, Burton Henson, E. L. Henson, Henry Henson, T. F. Henson, Wesley Henson, Wiley Henson, W. M. Henson, Mathias Holland, P. B. Hood, Robt't. H. Hyatt, J. E. Inman, L. H. Inman, J. R. Jones. Arthur Laughter, Joseph F. Long, D. T. Luther, John C. Moore, J. H. Mehaffey, J. B. Mann, W. B. Mann, Jas. B. Moore, Morgan Mease, Luther W. Murray, J. E. Norton, Robert Posten, Daniel Pressley, J. A. Pressley. Rob't. H. Queen, Jonathan Queen, W. L. Queen, J. C. Rogers, McRogers, I. M. Robeson, J. T. Scott, Henry Sorrells, Wm. A. Singleton, J. C. Thomas, Wm. P. Vaun, Wm. Williams.


G. R. Abbott, died;
J. M. Anderson, wounded at Malvern Hi11;
J. E. Brookshire, died;
G. E. Christopher, died;
Henry Christopher, died;
W. R. Clouts, wounded at Sharpsburg;
G. R. Hall, died;
J. M Henderson, killed at Petersburg;
F. W. Henson, died at Petersburg;
Wm. P. Inman, wounded at Malvern Hill
G. W. Jones, died.
F. M. Mehaffey, wounded at Sharpsburg;
Wm. R. Mease, died at Farmville, Va.;
F. M. Miller, died at Wilson, N. C.;
John M. Meece, wounded near Richmond;
R. C. Osborne, died at Petersburg;
N. A. Pressley, died at Petersburg;
A. M. Reece, died in S. C.;
J. N. Reece, killed at Malvern Hill.
Wm. B. Rhodes, died in S. C.;
J. A. Singleton, wounded at Sharpsburg;
J. M. Singleton, died at Petersburg;
J. A. Smith, wounded near Richmond;
John Starvey, died at Goldsboro;
J. M. Thompson, killed at Gaines' Mill;
J. W. Trull, wounded at Fredericksburg.

NOTE: Also, Company A of this (25th) Regiment had the following officers from Haywood County: Basil B. Edmonston, Adjutant; W. M. Bryson, A.Q.M.; and Robert H. Howell, Sergeant Major.



Hiram Rogers, Captain commanding (for first ten or tewlve months);
John A. Teague, Captain succeeding, promoted from Lieutenant.
Wm. B. Ferguson, 1st Lieutenant
Henry Plott, 2nd Lieutenant
Jas. F. Murray, 2nd Lieutenant
Jas. F. Henry, 2nd Lieutenant

1st to 5th Sergeants: Wm. A. Hopkins, Geo. W. Davis, John B. Chastain, Arthur L. Burnett.

1st to 4th Corporals: Wash. G. Bennett, Rob't. M. Fergurson (Ferguson), Jas. L. Henry, Abner Chastain.

Musicians: Cotton Coffey and Messer Conrad.


Asaph Allison, Elbert S. Arrington, Henry H. Barnes, Jas. B. Beasley, Reuben Beasley, Rob't. C. Brown, Gilson Carver, John Carver, Benjamin Chastain, Alfred S. Clark, Dallas P. Clark, Edward G. Cramp (Crump?), Wesley W. Frisbee, J. J. Fisher, John L. Fish, James Franklin, Andrew J. Ferguson, Jas. W. Ferguson, John L. Grahl, Adolphus Groom (Grooms), Judson P. Haynes (Washington County), John H. Haynes, Jas. B. Harris, Wm. H. Harris, Levi C. Happ (Hipps), Harvey M. Henry, Wm. J. McFalls, Dealy J. McCracker (McCracken), Henry Messer, Robert V. Marrow (Morrow?), Jas. F. Murray (promoted to Lieutenant), Burgess H. Meece, Wm. 0. Messer, Jesse McGhee, Wm. R. Melton. Rob't. W. Nolan (Noland), Henry B. Platt (Plott), Wm. F. Platt (Plott), Jas. H. Price, John J. Price, Jacob M. Rathbone, Joseph Rathbone, Minor Ruff, Joseph Russell, Wm. Rathbone, Thos. J. Rogers, Rob't. W. Rogers, Allen T. Rogers, Jesse R. Rogers, Jesse F. Rogers, George Russell, Wm. H. Russell . Thos. W. Smith, Wm. S. Smith, J. B. Smith, John S. Susabaugh (Sensabaugh), Wm. 'Smer' (?), James Sumner, Wm. L. Wilson, Wm. R. Winchester. "Leander Liner, about Feb.25, 1865." (written in).


Geo. W. Davis, died;
Arthur L. Burnett, died;
George N. Rogers, killed at Chickamauga;
Messer Conrad, died;
S. C. Bennett, killed;
Jas. F. Brindle, died;
Wm. J. J. Furgurson (Ferguson), died;
John Green, died;
Jeremiah Hannah, died;
Alex. Hannah, died;
Green V. McCracker (McCracken), died; Elias Medford, died;
Miller McMillen, died;
Wallace H. H. Money (Mooney?), died.
Henry C. Palmer, died;
Henry F. Plott, died;
James R. Rogers, died
Wm. A. Rogers, died;
John H. Rathbone, died;
Joseph T. Rogers, killed at Chickamauga;
Capt. John A. Teague, wounded at Chickamauga.


NOTE:This company was organized in the summer of 1862, the enlistments being from July 14 to 19. This Regi=1Fment first saw service in east Tennessee; then later, about the first of 1863, took over command of the Confederate defense position at Cumberland Gap mountain above Middlesboro, Kentucky. Here they were surrendered by their commander, General Frazier, in September, 1863. Major McDowell, however, refused to surrender, and with some 300 to 400 of his troops escaped from the mountain. Some of these troops were from Haywood. They returned to their homes, mostly on Pigeon, and entered the service again.

R. G. A. Love, Haywood, Colonel;
George W. Clayton, Buncombe, Lieutenant-Colonel;
R. G. McDowell, Macon, Major;
Hugh Manson Rogers, Haywood, Assistant Surgeon;
Jacob Massey, Haywood, Chaplain.


Asbury T. Rogers, Captain;
Wm. H. Leatherwood, 1st Lieutenant;
Ebed R. Ferguson, 2nd Lieutenant;
George N. Nelson, 2nd Lieutenant.


Jas. H. Sanford, 1st Sergeant;
Jas. M. McCracken, 2nd Sergeant;
John A. Russell, 3rd Sergeant,
M. G. Downs, 3rd Sergeant
William Duncan, 3rd Sergeant

Corporals (1st to 5th) were: Chas. T. Fish, Ephriam Shelton, Daniel J. C= ook, and Nelson M. Downs.

Musicians were: John Messer and John Wyatt.


Crayten M. Bennett, Arch S. Brown, Wm. Benjamin, Joseph Bradley, Wm. Bradley, Richard Burgess, Henry Belcher, Geo. Carver, Henry W. Cagle, Henry Cagle, Carson Clark, Joseph C. Cagle, John J. Cagle, Wm. H. CaIdwell, John W. Caidwell, Lawson Caldwell, John Conrad, 'l'had Dodson, John Dodson (Dotson), Jas. B. Evans, John H. Evans, Robert P. Ferguson, Andrew W. Ferguson, Wm. H.Ferguson, Decatur Franklin, Jas. A. Green, Jackson M. Green, Geo. W. Green, Silas Green, Isaac Green,James Griffin, Jas. L. Hannah, James Hagland (Hogland), William Hogland, LaFayette Hampton, Byred T. Hyce (Hice), Nelson Howell, John N. Howell, James A. Hannah, Horton Hannah (or Hort), Wm. M. Justice, Arch H. Justice, Jasper Kirkpatrick, S. A. Leatherwood, Jas. L. Moody, Jackson Moody, Jackson B. Moody, Strawder W. Moody, Lewis H. Moody, James H. McClure,Wm. R.McClure, J, F. McCracken, Wm. H. McCracken, Palmerston McCracken, Doctor S. McCracken, Jas.M. Mason, Peter W. Mason, H. M. Mauney, Noble W. McDonald, Samuel G. Moody, Elijah W. Nolan (Noland). Reuben L. Owens, Samuel P. Owens, John B. Owens, Daniel Price, John J. Price, Joseph L. Parton, A. W. Parton, Daniel M. Parton, Robert H. Platt (Plott), Enos L. Plott, Hilburn Plott,John A. Palmer, Purnell Rathbone, Jesse Rathbone, Hiram Rathbone, James M. Rathbone, David Russell, Silas P. Ruff, John M. Rhea, Mallison Rogers, Wm. C. Rathbone, Berry H. Rathbone, Leander Sims, Henry E. Smith, Lewis Smith, Silas Smith, John A. Smott, Wm. P. Shelton, Jas L. Shelton, Benjamin Scay, A. J. Teague, Abram Vess, George W. Wright, Isaac West, Joseph E. Wade, Geo. W. Wade, Simpson Whitlock, J. M. White.

NOTE: It seems that nearly all the Haywood soldiers in this company lived to return home. James A. Carver, however, was shot by Colonel Kirk's men on Jonathan's Creek after he had returned home, in the spring of 1865.



Captain John Turpin;
1st Lieutenant Joseph Manson Tate
2nd Lieutenant Jeremiah Ratcliff
2nd Lieutenant Robert L. Owens.


1st to 5th Sergeants, Rob't. W. Coggins, Eli S. Williams, Reuben H. Caldwell, Rob't. J. Lee, and Wm. H. Davis;

1st to 4th Corporals Jonathan Michael, Lorenzo D. Medford, David A. Nichols, and Thos. W. Shelton; Musicians, Joseph S. Mehaffey and Joseph Hartgrove.

PRIVATES: Alney L. Brown, David Bumgarner, Osborn Ball, William Ball, David M. Clark, Thos. J. Cabe, Samuel Chambers, Michael E. Cald=1Fwell, William Cagle, Asbury Carver, John Dyar (Dyer), Wm. A. Davis, Wm. H. Edwards, Noah Francis, John Franklin, Elisha Frank=1Flin, Asbury Fitzgerald, John E. Fincher, Henry Gevarness, Jacob Herrell (Harrell), Richard Hill, Wm. B. Inman, Wm. W. Johnson, Wm. E. Jones, Jas. F. Jones, Wm. M. Kinsland, Jesse F. Kilian, Adolphus Killian, John Leming, James Leming, William McElroy, James McElroy, Henry McElroy, John T. McElroy, Jesse McElory, Joseph L. McElroy, Francis Marrow (Morrow), John Z. Mason, Ephriam Mason, Robert A. Mehaffey, Wm. B. Morrow, James Morrow, William Massey, John Messer, David Messer, Michael Moore, Samuel Massey (deserted to the enemy), Daniel Alex. Massey, Reuben E. Medford, Henderson Medford, Robert Mehaffey, William Michael, Daniel H. McBride, Jonathan A. Nichols, Henry Noland, A. Q. Presnell, John M. Plott, John M. Queen, Robert T. Queen, James Ratcliff, Wm. J. Robinson, Nathan B. Robinson, Francis M. Ratcliff, John Roberson, Jesse M. Roberson, Robert B. Rogers, Abram R. Roberson, A. A. Roberson, Herodotus F. Roberson, Mont. M. Roberson, Posey A. Roberson, Richard Roberson, Richard Roberson, Jr., Minchner L. Reeves Jacob Rhinehart, William Rhinehart, Albert H. Rainey. John Snyder, Chas. L. Smith, James P. Smith, Jacob D. Shook, Wm. L. Shook, Michael Sitton, Leander Snyder, John P. Tate, Wm P. Tucker, Henry A. Turpin, James Welch, Felix D. Welch, John Whitlock, D. F. Welbor, Wesley Yasberry (Yarboro).

NOTE: William Ball, Elisha Franklin, John Leming, Jesse McElroy, Dan H. McBride, James Ratcliff, Nathan Robinson, Francis M. Ratcliff, John Snyder, Leander Snyder and John P. Tate died in Camp Douglas prison; John M. Plott and Jesse M. Roberson died at Morristown, Tennessee.



Wm. J. Wilson, Captain;
Jonathan P. Long, 1st Lieutenant
James A. Burnett, 1st Lieutenant
Edmond P. G. Murray, 2nd Lieutenant.


1st to 5th Sergeants: Rufus P. Kelly, Lorenzo D. Evans, Joseph M. Blaylock, Wm. J. Moore, Thomas E. Caddy.

1st to 4th Corporals: John V. Reece, Merritt C. Rogers, John F.Long, and Asbury Pless.

Musicians: Jeremiah Reece and J. S. W. Gordon.


David Allen, Jasper Newton Bennett, Thos. P. Bingham, Elbert S. Burgner, Walton S. Burgner, James M. Burnett, David H. Burnett, H.H. Bates, H. S. Brown, Henry Barkley, James A. Burnett(promoted to Lieutenant), A. Bumgarner, J. M. Cracken (McCracken), J. C. Cagle, A. Calvin Cagle, J. W. Caldwell, J. L. Collins, H. L. Clark, Franklin Clark, Geo. W. Cathey, John T. Cathey, John L. Cooper, Aaron M. Crawford, S. G. Conley, C. Connor. Andrew J. Davis, Jacob R. Davis, N. M. Downs, M. G. (Green) Downs, (transferred), T. B. Edmonston, Alfred E. Edwards, John Evans, Perry B. Franklin, J. Logan Fish, Wm. H. Garten, J. M. Green, G. W. Green, Silas Green, Jacob D. Haynes, Joseph F. Hartgrove, Jasper Henderson, Osborn N. Hinson (Henson), Arch M. Henson, George L. Henson, James E. Henson, David S. Howell, Nathan Hyatt, Newton F. Hyatt, Nelson Howell, F. Howell, Bryant Hill, J. A. Hill, Henry Hinson (Henson), Aaron Henson, Wm. Henderson, J. A. Hannah, Logan Hannah, John Hopper (Hooper). Wm. C. Ingram, D. L. Inman, J. A. Inman, Henry C. Ivester, D. E. Jones, J. M. Jones, J. E. Johnson, William Johnston, B. J. Johnston, Wm. Kinsland, Joshua Kinsland, J. E.Kinsland, Jasper Kirkpatrick, R. J. Lee, Aaron L. Mason, Robert Mad (?), (NOTE: Here six names are torn off the roster), S. L. Moody, Jule Moody, H. S. L. Moody, J. B. Moody, P. Lebo Medford, R. A. Mehaffey, D. Mehaffey, J. M. Mason, P. L. McCracken, J. F. McCracken, Hosea Mooney. Adoniram Osborn (Adrian?), C. F. Osborn, Robert Paston (Poston), R. M. Pike, John Pharr, Henry Pless, Wm. P. Pless, Franklin A.Pressley, J. H. Paxton, G. N. Penland , J. L. Parton, John Palmer, Jackson J. Rogers, B. H. Rathbone, H. E. Rathbone, Jesse Rathbone, Purnel Rathbone, Manson Rathbone,W. C. Rathbone, Franklin Reece, J.M. Rogers, J. B. Rogers, A. R. Roberson, Nathan Roberson. Franklin Snyder, J. M. Snyder, Matthew Sanford, B. H. Simmons, Jacob Sellers, John M. Sellers, Wm. Slate, S. B. Singleton, Joseph Swanger, LaFayette Tutt (?), Jason A. Thompson, J. A. Thompson, David M.Vess, James Vess, ("J. E. Swayngim April l864" written with pen on margin).

NOTE: Wm. H. Garten died at Cumberland Gap, and Jacob Sellers died in Camp Douglas prison. Ed Jones escaped from this prison.

NOTE: The Haywood troops in this company were mostly late enlistments (1864-65) and transfers. The officers and troops from this county were:


E. S. Smith, 1st Lieutenant;
Joseph Liner, 2nd Lieutenant

E. M. Owenby, 5th Sergeant.


W. Allen, J. W. Allen, M. J. Abbott, M. S. Chambers, M. D. Coggins, W. J. Clark, Joseph Chambers, Thomas Cathey, T. H. Cathey, W. C. Donelson, H. T. Ferguson, A. T. Fain, C. J. Grayson, D.G.Gardner, W. T. Gordon, P. J. Gordon, P. J. Garten, J. P. Garten, Allen Henson, T. J. Kirkpatrick, M. W. Leatherwood, Wm. Leatherwood, L. Medford, E. E. McCracken, M. J. Marrow (Morrow), T. J. Mann, L. W. Moore, R. S. Queen, John T. Ross, R. W. Redsleeves, M. S. Russell, Jackson Reeves, V. J. Suttles, M. L. Worley.

NOTE: In the North Carolina 8Oth Regiment, Cavalry Battalion, it is said Haywood had a few troops. It cannot be ascertained, for sure, because in the list of privates, the counties are not listed.

Wm. H. Thomas, Colonel and Regimental Commander, Jackson County (formerly of Haywood County).
Jas. R. Love, promoted to Colonel, Jackson County;
Wm. W. Stringfield, Tennessee, Lieutenant-Colonel.
Elisha C. Johnson, Captain;
Wm. S. Terrell, promoted to Captain;
Wrn. R. Trull, 1st Lieutenant;
Matthew H. Love, 1st Lieutenant;
R. C. McCalla, 2nd Lieutenant
John H. Smathers, 2nd Lieutenant
Wm. D. Hall, 2nd Lieutenant,
Elisha W. Morgan, 2nd Lieutenants;
Hezekiah West, Chaplain.


1st to 5th Sergeants: 1st, Wm. H. Moore (promoted to 2nd Lieutenant), and Benj. R. Trull; 2nd, Francis M. Cook and Chas. Smathers; 3rd, Wm. J. Smathers and Branch; 4th, Thad G. Green; and 5th, George Hall.


Jas. H. R. Abel, Wm. Abbitt (Abbott), Starlin S. Abbott, Wm. H.Abel, John H. Abel, Jackson Apply, John W. Bugg, Nehemiah Bonham, George Cook, John C. Cothran. NOTE: (written in) I. R. Clark, J.R. Clark, Benj. Clark and Balis C. Clark. (Here the printed continues): Isaac C. Clark, Elisha Chambers (musician), Wm. Christopher, Marcus J. L. Culberson, John Clouch. Reuben T. F. Fowler, Robert P. Fowler, Elias S. Fowler, John W. Franklin, Samuel Hall, Wm. Hall, Lawrence Hall, John L. Howell, Andrew J. Heatherly, Jasper H. Henson, Green Hall, John J. Hall, Lester H. Herren, Avery Henson, Wm. T. Justice, Wiley M. Johnson, James D. Justice, Joshua Lafin, Isaac J. M. Lafin, Julius L. Lafin, James E. Lewis. Jasper L. Moon, Jacob Miller, Joseph E. McDaniel, M. D. Moore, Goodson D. Moore, James N. Moore, Geo. W. Moore, John Miller, John P. Mease, Peter Miller, C. B. Phillips, Wm. Pressley, Francis Plemmons, Charles Parker, Andrew Pressley, Wm. M. Robenson (Robinson), Leonard Reece, Henry C. Robanson (Robinson), William Reno, M. H. Redsleeves (Rhodarmer), John C. Redsleeves (Rhodarmer), H. G. Robinson, H. C. Robinson, J. P. Robinson, J. T. Robinson. Geo. M. Scott, Humphry Scott, John K. Scott, Elisha L. Scott, Winston Sharp, Joseph Sharp, Marcus Smathers, Jas. H. Smathers, Jesse Smathers, Nelson W. Smathers, Phillip Smathers, Geo. M. Smathers, Jesse D. Smathers, Wm. Stines, Edward D. Sharp, David Sharp, G. A. Smathers. Written in: W. T. Rhodarmer and James R. Trust. Henry D. Say (Seay), Green Swanger, Jas. S. Williams, Virgel H. Williams, John R. Wade, John S. West, Jonathan Woods, John A. Williams, David Watts, William West, Joseph Young.

NOTE: The following names were written in: Peter Travelstreet, Henry Lundy, D. A. Rich, and J. M. Setzer; also Jas. L. Welch "wounded (died)" was written in. James M. Burnett was promoted to Lieutenant. Colonel Jas. R. Love is marked as having been wounded at Seven Pines, Geo. W. Moore at Cedar Creek, and Elisha Scott at Winchester. Green Swanger was also wounded. Goodson Moore, it is stated, died at Bull's Gap; and Humphry Scott and Phillip Smathers at S[trawberry]. Plains.


NOTE: Haywood companies C and E were first a part of the old 16th N. C. Regiment, which Colonel R. G. A. Love helped to organize here in the spring of 1861. In 1862 they were transferred in a process of reorganization into the 69th Regiment, generally referred to as 'Thomas' Legion'. J. R. Love was at first Captain of old Company A; and after it became Company E (of the 69th Regiment) Julius M. Welch, Lieutenant, was promoted to Capta= in of the Company. Jesse F. Conley and Robert T. Conley also served in old Company A, as did also B. A. Cathey, who was mortally wounded in June 1861. (It is still believed that the unit was "only" called Thomas' Legion)


Julius M. Welch, Captain;
T. J. Ferguson, Lieutenant
J. H. Moody, Lieutenant
W. C. Brown, Lieutenants.


Sergeants: Wm. Clark, D. T. J. Boyd, W. J. Rogers and W. L. Moody.

Corporals: John Clark, A. W. Brown, H. B. McCracken, James Riley, J. T. Rogers.

Musician: Chas. Burress.


W. M. Best, John H. H. Boyd, John C. Brown, Enoch A. Brown, Wm. H. Brown, Harvey Browning, William Bawlin (Baldwin), Robt. W. Boone, Lewis Chambers, Robert J. Chambers, Geo. M. Clark, Samuel Clark, Wm. T. Clark, Richard M. Clark, Carson C. Clark, John Clark, Hamilton Caldwell, Jas. R. Chambers, Wm. Cleringer, Joseph H. Cunningham. John Duckett, Green Duckett, James Evans, Henry Evans, Jeremiah Evans, Joseph Evans, Julius A. Edwards, John Erby, Elbert L. Ferguson, Andrew J. Ferguson, John A. Ferguson, Spencer Fisher, Geo. W. Franklin ("killed" written in), Benj. F. Francis, Woodard S. Grahl, Geo. W. Hollyfield, John A. Hopkins.

NOTE. Here the name of Elisha P. Euberts is written in; also the names of John Hoyle and James Justice are entered by Colonel Stringfield. R. A. L. Hyatt (promoted to Captain), Jesse Hyatt, Jeremiah Howell, David A. Hogan, Zack P. Jones, Western L. Justice, Willian Justice, Reuben H. Justice, Leander W. Kirkpatrick ("wounded in Va. died" is written in after Kirkpatrick's name), M. A. Kirkpatrick, Andrew W. Loundy (Lundy), Thomas Lenet, Henry Liner, Jeffry J. Leatherwood, Leander Liner, Jere Liner, H. L. Moody, Wilborn Massey, L. Massey, J. Massey, L. Medford, Elias Medford, Lewis Miller, Miles A. Moody, Wm. H. Massey, Jas. M. Massey, Leroy Mauldin, John H. Mull, John M. McNoble, Dan'l. C. McNoble, Sam'l. Mercer, Elijah H. Mercer, Geo. W. Mercer, Samuel Mercer, Sr., Louis Miller, F. P. McGahee (McGaha), Thos. B. McCracker (McCracken) promoted to Sergt., Taylor Noland, Joseph M. Noland, Allen Noland, Wm. H. Owen, Dock J. Noland, Wm. A. Presnell, Jere M. Patterson, Dan'l. M. Parton, Marion Parton, Thomas Parton, James M. Rice, James A. Rhea, John N. Robinson, James C. Rhinehart, David M. Russell, Edward P. Rus=1Fseell, Albert Reeves, Wm. I. Rogers.

NOTE: "Dan'l. Rice" (written in).(Here also the names of H. C. Hyatt, 3-1, '64; R. T. Snider, 8-1, '64, and Wm. Hyatt, 1862 (died) were entered by Colonel Stringfield. The name of Wm. Rhinehart was also written in). Sebram (Sebron) Rogers, John W. Robinson, Russell Rathbone, Thos. P. Rhinehart, Thos. B. Smith, Simeon Serrett (Surratt), Rollin C. Smathers, Adam A. Symes (Simms), Dan'l. Snider, Harry D. Say (Seay), Thomas Seay, Dan'l. Seay, James Swanger, William Swanger, Green B. Swanger, Thos. B. Taylor, Phillip M. Turner, John M. M. Watt, Wm. H. Welch, John B. Wooten, James L. Welch, Isaac Willis, William Williamson, Lucius M. Welch, Minor A. Yarberry (Yarboro), Elisha H. Yarberry

NOTE: "Adam Hymes" (written in). Captain Julius Welch was killed in action at Piedmont, Virginia; Leander Kirkpatrick was wounded and died on the way home; Lawson Kirkpatrick died; and Jule Edwards, M. A. Kirkpatrick and Joseph Evans were wounded in action. Alex Hannah and N. T. Hyatt were wounded at Seven Pines. T. M. Hawkins died, and it is claimed that two or three others died out this company (E).

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