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#1346405 - 02/03/10 04:24 PM Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections
Mark Offline

Find A Grave Curator - Geographer

Registered: 03/20/06
Loc: Indiana
Updated 9-28-2013

Rules for this thread:

  • This thread is only used for name correction, original bio, address, and GPS updates to existing cemeteries or merging of duplicate cemeteries. Do not request memorial merges, memorial edits, or memorial transfers here.
  • Limit each post to no more than 10 cemeteries.
  • Provide the link (URL) to the cemetery, or the request will be deleted without comment.
  • You should have knowledge of the area for which you are requesting, DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!!!
  • Multiple requests should be in a single post.
  • Please do not change the subject line when submitting your request.
  • Anything to do with famous interments should go in one of the Famous Forum threads.
  • If you need to make a change to a request while the thread is open, use the quote option on the message in question.
  • Requests will be deleted as completed.
  • This is an Administrative thread. Please, no commentary about other posts

Cemetery Update Fields:

  • Cemetery Primary Name
    • Primary name should be what it is known as today, the name on the sign in most cases.
    • Names are limited to 50 characters each
    • No abbreviations should be used.
    • Punctuation should be avoided.
  • Cemetery AKA
    • AKA's should be names the cemetery has gone by in the past or a name the cemetery is known as locally.
    • Names are limited to 50 characters each
    • No abbreviations should be used.
    • Punctuation should be avoided.
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code
  • Phone
  • URL
    • Website links must be to local government cemetery or actual cemetery.
  • Latitude and Longitude (GPS)
    • Submit the GPS coordinates in Decimal Format, maximum of 6 decimal places.
    • Verify your coordinates via Google Maps before posting, especially if you had to convert your coordinates into decimal format.
  • Cemetery Description
    • Originally written by yourself. No copy and paste.
  • Cemetery Geo Location
    • Town location should be the locale for the cemetery which may not be the town of mailing.

Cemetery Merge/Deletion:

  • Outright deletions can only occur on an empty cemetery so be sure to provide a link to the correct cemetery or know the final disposition of the memorials.
  • Any cemetery deletion that contains a map, will be cross checked with topo maps before any deletion. If it is on a topo map, no deletion will occur and without comment.
  • Verify via Topo maps cemeteries with same name and differing maps. Without explanation they will not be merged.
  • No Duplicate memorial removal will occur with a merge.
  • Cross County linking is not possible.
  • No partial merging will occur.

Tool Box:
  1. Find A Grave FAQ
  2. Beta County Mapper
  3. Acme Mapper - Use it for Topo Maps
  4. GPS Calculator
  5. Google Translate
  6. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
  7. Township Range BLM Search

#2767079 - 11/14/14 03:05 PM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: koko2]
beardedmustafa Offline

Registered: 09/12/06
Loc: Back there and here


This needs to be deleted as it is not valid and does not indicate final resting place of remains.

Jews of Germany Murdered in the Holocaust -

The International Wargraves decided to create a memorial listed as being in the center of Berlin with all the Jews that were deported out of the country during WWII. The problem is that almost all the individual memorials have no date or location of death and the burials are not in Germany for the most part.

I have asked them in the past to delete it and have been ignored, not even an explanation.

Today, there are 27 photo request which I will delete since there is nothing in the center of Berlin to photograph.

Having it on the site is equal to having cemetery page of a cemetery that does not exist titled "US Soldiers killed" with no actual burial sites.

Location of remains is the purpose of the site.

#2770450 - Today at 08:46 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
koko2 Offline

Registered: 03/09/10
Loc: planet earth
Correct name: First Baptist Church of Hopewell Cemetery
Liberty St (at Hadley’s Bend Blvd)
Old Hickory
zip: 37138
map: 36.229360, -86.634969

The cemetery is two blocks west of the church which is at 4033 Lafayette Street.
correct name: First Presbyterian Church Columbarium
4815 Franklin Pike
map: 36.079651, -86.775551
phone: (615) 383-1815
Correct Address is:
4435 Winston Ave W
map: 36.07202, -86.72885
is a wrongly-placed duplicate (see address shown) of:

No such cemetery in Davidson, (Greeneville is in Greene Co.), please delete:
The one memorial belongs in:
where another memorial already exists and has been photographed.

Evergreen Graveyard
please add:
New Nashville Hwy (US Hwy 70)

This is an historically African-American cemetery. Do not confuse with <a href=“”>Evergreen Cemetery</a> on Greenland Drive.

same, please merge:
address and map are correct on the latter
Name: Hope Family Cemetery
aka: Hopewell Cemetery

#2770457 - Today at 09:03 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: koko2]
JFMann Offline

Registered: 07/18/11
Cemetery Correction:

Correct name: Highland Memorial Gardens

Correct address:
5555 Lee Highway
Dublin, VA 24084
Phone: 504-674-5231


#2770480 - Today at 10:07 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
Homer R. Ficken Offline

Registered: 10/31/09

Change order of name to Kirchhof-Fischerhude and leave aka as is.



Change order of name to Kirchhof-Sankt-Viti and leave aka as is.


#2770484 - Today at 10:20 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
Tenalquot Offline

Registered: 10/22/11
Loc: WA
Astoria Pioneer Cemetery
Please add aka "Hillside Cemetery"

#2770510 - Today at 11:05 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Tenalquot]
Brucecb Offline

Registered: 06/29/14
Loc: Ontario, Canada
Park Lawn Cemetery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
AKA Parklawn Cemetery

shows Interments as 27,766

There are very many Duplicates
Many made only a few months apart.

I noticed it when looking up relatives.

#2770524 - Today at 11:36 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
Martha Hamilton Offline

Registered: 05/06/09
Loc: Northeast Ohio
I have found a catholic cemetery that frequently gets posted as being in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County that is really in Geauga County. Someone has recently recreated it again.

The wrong cemetery is All Souls while the correct listing is All Souls Cemetery. The postings from the first need to be moved into the second and the first deleted.

Edited by Martha Hamilton (Today at 11:36 AM)

#2770537 - 44 minutes 5 seconds ago Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Martha Hamilton]
Midnightdreary Offline

Registered: 06/01/09
I wrote a bio for a burial and submitted it for consideration as "famous" -- which it was (thank you), but it was credited to the person who created the memorial originally, rather than to me (Midnightdreary). Not looking for vanity or anything but I was sorta surprised. The listing is for Samuel Netwon Berryhill (1832-1887), in North Union Cemetery, Bellefontaine, Webster County Mississippi, USA:

#2770546 - 19 minutes 6 seconds ago Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Midnightdreary]
Steve Seim Offline

Registered: 04/06/10
Loc: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
please add a map for Cherry Hospital Cemetery:

coordinates are 35.386925, -78.021698



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