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#1346405 - 02/03/10 04:24 PM Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections
Mark Offline

Find A Grave Curator - Geographer

Registered: 03/20/06
Loc: Indiana
Updated 9-28-2013

Rules for this thread:

  • Limit each post to no more than 10 cemeteries.
  • This thread is only used for name correction, original bio, address, and GPS updates to existing cemeteries or merging of duplicate cemeteries. Do not request memorial merges, memorial edits, memorial deletions, or memorial transfers here.
  • Provide the link (URL) to the cemetery, or the request will be deleted without comment.
  • You should have knowledge of the area for which you are requesting, DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!!!
  • Multiple requests should be in a single post.
  • Please do not change the subject line when submitting your request.
  • Anything to do with famous interments should go in one of the Famous Forum threads.
  • If you need to make a change to a request while the thread is open, use the quote option on the message in question.
  • Requests will be deleted as completed.
  • This is an Administrative thread. Please, no commentary about other posts

Cemetery Update Fields:

  • Cemetery Primary Name
    • Primary name should be what it is known as today, the name on the sign in most cases.
    • Names are limited to 50 characters each
    • No abbreviations should be used.
    • Punctuation should be avoided.
  • Cemetery AKA
    • AKA's should be names the cemetery has gone by in the past or a name the cemetery is known as locally.
    • Names are limited to 50 characters each
    • No abbreviations should be used.
    • Punctuation should be avoided.
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code
  • Phone
  • URL
    • Website links must be to local government cemetery or actual cemetery.
  • Latitude and Longitude (GPS)
    • Submit the GPS coordinates in Decimal Format, maximum of 6 decimal places.
    • Verify your coordinates via Google Maps before posting, especially if you had to convert your coordinates into decimal format.
  • Cemetery Description
    • Originally written by yourself. No copy and paste.
  • Cemetery Geo Location
    • Town location should be the locale for the cemetery which may not be the town of mailing.

Cemetery Merge/Deletion:

  • Outright deletions can only occur on an empty cemetery so be sure to provide a link to the correct cemetery or know the final disposition of the memorials.
  • Any cemetery deletion that contains a map, will be cross checked with topo maps before any deletion. If it is on a topo map, no deletion will occur and without comment.
  • Verify via Topo maps cemeteries with same name and differing maps. Without explanation they will not be merged.
  • No Duplicate memorial removal will occur with a merge.
  • Cross County linking is not possible.
  • No partial merging will occur.

Tool Box:
  1. Find A Grave FAQ
  2. Beta County Mapper
  3. Acme Mapper - Use it for Topo Maps
  4. GPS Calculator
  5. Google Translate
  6. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
  7. Township Range BLM Search

#2844057 - 05/07/15 03:21 PM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: AWR]
Teena S Offline

Registered: 11/02/09
Alameda-Stone Cemetery
32.22501, -110.97118
There are no burials left here
All the remains were moved to
other cemeteries. The photos are at the
All Faiths Memorial Park Cemetery.
Random checking finds the
memorials are also listed in
All Faiths Memorial.
All Faiths Memorial Park

#2850343 - 05/19/15 09:30 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
lmathis428 Offline

Registered: 06/30/14
Pryor Cemetery in Rusk County Texas needs the coordinates updated. The ones provided are totally not true. I personally did a photo survey of this cemetery over the past weekend and logged the correct coordinates.


#2852471 - Today at 10:20 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
JBC Offline

Registered: 03/05/12
Loc: Chattahoochee River
Horeb Shiloh Cemetery

Please change name to " Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery ". It already has an AKA for Horeb. Thanks.
Eat knuckle, fritz!

#2852479 - Today at 10:30 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Mark]
Graverist Offline

Registered: 04/13/11

re just combined now 700+ records Southampton Memorial Park, Pretlow Road, Southampton County VA

can this SECTIONS explanation be added to the description portion of the cemetery page?
as too commonly plot numbers only without their Section indicators are being recorded -
thanks -

" Plot numbers repeat for each of 8 Sections:

#2852491 - Today at 10:42 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Graverist]
Steve Seim Offline

Registered: 04/06/10
Loc: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
please add a map for:

coordinates are 38.956198, -82.073240


#2852492 - Today at 10:43 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Graverist]
sandlaper Offline

Registered: 04/17/15
Loc: sc Williamsburg County


Please add map infoo.

#2852501 - Today at 11:25 AM Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: sandlaper]
Maggie Offline

Registered: 06/20/12
Loc: Utah
I am wondering about combining both the Old Sacred Heart cemetery and the Sacred Heart New Roman Catholic Cemetery (Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada) . Both cemeteries are part of the Sacred Heart of Mary RC Church, one located behind the church and the newer directly across the road. There is also confusion about when the new one opened and when the old shut down. The description for the new states the property was purchased in 1899 but then it also says the first burial was in 1867. So that makes no sense. The old cemetery starts with burials in 1847- ish. There is a potential for a lot of problems. Combining the two would make things simple for finding your ancestors and stating somewhere the two have been combined. I’ve been using the Church parish record to add the burials and it doesn’t say New or Old.
NEW cemetery:


#2852526 - 32 minutes 17 seconds ago Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Maggie]
Nibor Offline

Registered: 07/31/11
Please add this web site to these cemeteries. It is the same for both.

Please add "Cemetery" to the name

Please rename by assigning another name often used in obits; "El Bethel Cemetery" please assign two other names per the notes and an obit I just found and luckily found the cemetery on Google; "Friendship EUB Church Cemetery" and "Friendship UB Church Cemetery" by correcting the spelling of Cemetery

Sadly these need to be merged. There are Carpenter/Carpentar, Huffman, Stump, Tucker, Vance, Ward, and Woodard duplicates.


#2852535 - 12 minutes 17 seconds ago Re: Official: Cemetery Fix/Updates/Corrections [Re: Nibor]
MI_Graver Offline

Registered: 09/07/06
Loc: Wayne Co., MI
"You're just jealous that the voices are talking to ME!"


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